What is ping test in Games,Internet Speed Test 2021

Ping is a command-line utility available on virtually any operating system with network connectivity it acts as a test to see if a network device is reachable.

Ping is an essential tool for internet speed tests, fps tests and is not just to take the blame when you lose an online game.

Ping meaning

The word Ping is well known to most internet users, but few people know its real importance for maintaining the network.

Much more than measuring the quality of your connection while you play, ping is essential for businesses and services. And yes, the concept comes from the game of ping-pong ( Table Tennis).

what is ping
what is ping: ping meaning

What is Ping (latency)?

Essentially, Ping  (or latency) is a tool designed to test the availability of equipment connected to a network and is so essential that it is present in almost all operating systems.

It serves to test not only whether a device is up and running, but also the quality of the connection.

The tool, developed in 1983 by scientist Mike Muuss (1958-2000) consists of sending packets of files to a target device and listening to the “echo” response.

Ping Scientist Mike Muuss
Image source: Wikipedia.org- (Ping developed in 1983 by scientist Mike Muuss )

For using this methodology, and because of the sound similar to that of a sonar that the utility emitted in use, it was named “ping”.

The receiver’s response, in turn, was called “pong”, in an allusion to table tennis. Only later did Ping become the acronym for P acket In ternet G roper, or Package Finder on the Internet.

“Ping indicates the time required for a small amount of data to make a round trip between your computer and the speed test server. The smaller the result, the more reactive and consistent your connection”.

By nPerf

What is ping command?

what is ping command
what is ping command

The ping command sends a request over the network to a specific device a successful ping results in a response from the computer that was pinged back to the originating computer.

or in a simple way, The ping command is nothing more than the sender asking the receiver if he is online, and the latter responding if so.

And as with all communication, there may or may not be failures and loss of information along the way. This goes for both devices and internet sites and services, which is where you probably should know the term.

So let’s see, how does the ping work?

How does ping work?

How does ping work
How does ping work

The ping utility uses the echo request and echo reply messages within the internet control message protocol(ICMP).

An integral part of any IP network when a ping command is issued an echo-request packet is sent to the address specified.

when the remote host receives the echo request it responds with an echo reply packet.

By default the ping command sent several echo requests typically four or five the result of each echo request is displayed it says if the requests received a successful response.

It also shows how many bytes were received in response but time to live and how long the response took to receive along with statistics about packet loss and round-trip times.

How does ping work
How does ping work

Now how exactly can I make use of Ping?

How to Use Ping?

Perhaps, The most common use of the ping utility is in troubleshooting when trying to use applications or systems over a network.

The most important thing to know is if there is actually a working connection a series of ping men can help to determine where the problem is among other things.

  • Ping can be used to monitor the network availability of devices.
  • A ping commands running as a scheduled task can offer rudimentary polling of any network computer or device without the need to install any additional software agents and without the need to open additional ports.

What is Ping for?

what is ping
what is ping for?

Ping is used For a lot of things it may be your system, games or internet speed, and many more.

The command measures in milliseconds the time it takes for a device to respond to the call from the sender, and also demonstrates how many packets were received, sent back, and lost during the process.

In a company it is essential: if equipment connected to the intranet (the internal network) takes too long to respond or misses many packets, it is an indication that there is something wrong in the communication between the machines, such as problems of physical origin ( hardware ) or logic ( software ).

The analogy of table tennis is perfect:

The players are the sender and the recipient, while the ball is the data packets.

If both play well, communication is maintained, and the faster they hit, the better the game will flow.

However, if one of them goes badly, the match stalls. That is, the connection hangs, is slow, or responds poorly.

Although it is a tool more focused on infrastructure, used mainly by network administrators, Ping can be easily used by anyone to test the quality of service or their own Internet data connection.

How do I know the speed of my Ping?

Just open the Command Prompt in your Windows (“Start” button> type cmd in the search field) or the Terminal in macOS (Open Finder> Accessories> Utilities) or Linux (in Accessories, or Ctrl + Alt + T), and enter ping your address; it is possible to test an IP number of connected devices or an address on the internet (a website, for example, ->>ping www.yourwebsiteurl.com).

What is a good ping speed?

If you have good ping, with a low communication speed you will be able to communicate smoothly with services on the network or with other connected devices, which is why a high number is harmful in online games: the real-time synchronization will be more and more difficult as Ping increases.

What is a good ping speed
What is a good ping speed?

Now, there is good news for you guys, is that Our website has an Own Internet speed test Tool, where you can also check your Internet speed test in a quick way, as you see the results from the above image.

To whom you are waiting, just click and check your Ping(Latency) results of a device quickly.

For those who think that the information provided by the Command / Terminal Prompt is too complicated, it is possible to use the services that test your connection speed. Sites like nPerf, Speedtest, and Fast.com provide very clear data.


The lower the Ping value and the fewer packets are lost, the shorter the file exchange time, and the better the connection.

What is ping spoofing?

A “ping spoofing” occurs when a spoof manipulating the information you send to the server.
In the case of ping spoofing, you are making the ping command look so bad that the server cannot tell if you are lagging or hacked.

What is ping on speed test?

It depends on when checking your ping through a command prompt or any site which will show you exact and very clear results of your internet speed.

What is upload speed used for

Upload speed is used for how fast you send your data to others.
Upload is required to send large files via email or to use video chat to talk to someone else online (as you need to send them your video feed).
To measure the  Upload speed, we will get results in megabits per second (Mbps).

What is download speed used for

Download speed is the speed at which your internet connection can transfer data from the server to you.

Download speeds are important for downloading files, uploading to a website, streaming a video, or streaming music.
Upload speed is the speed at which your internet connection can transfer your data to a server.

What is ping test in games?

When playing an online game, such as Apex Legends, Pubg, or any of your favorite games, the ping test can help the player determine if they will experience a decrease in response while playing.

In other words, ping measures the number of milliseconds (ms) that network devices need to communicate with each other.

What is ping in networking?

Ping is a computer network management software utility used to test the accessibility of a host on an IP network.

It’s available for all operating systems with network capability, including most built-in network management software.


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