How to do each task in Mira HQ in Among Us 2021

Among Us is a simple game that exploded in popularity in recent months. Since then, they and others have added various maps, upgrades, and different tasks for players to complete.

Each task is done differently, and each map has its own set of tasks to complete. In this guide, we are looking at all the tasks that are in Mira headquarters.

How to do each task in Mira HQ in Among Us

Mira HQ Tasks Guide - Among Us
Mira HQ Tasks Guide – Among Us

For simplicity and for the love of God, we have explained how to do each task in Between us in text. To find out what task they are trying to complete, just look at the upper left corner of your in-game screen.

This is also a good way to determine where you need to go next to finish multi-part tasks.

Mira HQ has 19 possible tasks to complete, each of which falls into three different categories. Some of them are more difficult than others and others appear much more frequently than others.

We have organized this guide to provide instructions for the three categories listed below.

  • Long: Requires the player to perform an action and then wait a specified period of time to complete the rest of the task. They can also be classified as long because they have multiple stages.
  • Short: Tasks that are completed in a single session or can be done in seconds.
  • Common: Tasks shared by each player in the game. These tasks are called common because all players must complete them, not one player for the entire match. If one player has the task, all the players do it. If a player doesn’t have one of these, neither player does.

There is a fourth category, called Visual Tasks, which allows all other players.

Well, guys, that was a method to complete the MIRA HQ task among us and I’m hoping this guide/tips and tricks video helps some newer players!
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