Check Your Internet Speed Test For Free [Latest 2021]

Internet Speed Test for your ADSL, VDSL, cable, fiber, or satellite connection…

If you are looking for how to know the speed of the internet you are connected to or how it is measured, read the article below. The tips can help you perform the speed test.

How to test your internet speed test?

To measure internet speed hired in a speed test, it is important and recommended to pause all active downloads on the computer or phone.

Another essential measure to check the internet speed is to ensure that only your computer is connected to the modem, preventing other equipment such as other computers, tablets, smartphones, video games, and SmartTVs from having an impact.

Prefer a telegraph connection – that is, cable – to a Wi-Fi connection to do the speed test on your internet service. Because, without wires, broadband is less stable.

Feel free to test the speed meter several times (just access Technodani ). Share and compare the result with your friends.

What is the technology behind the SpeedTest?

What is a good ping speed
What is a good ping speed

Technodani Internet Speed ​​Test is offered by the developer nPerf, in France, and can accurately determine your connection’s capacity.

The Speed ​​Test is based on a proprietary algorithm from the French company that analyzes the bit rate downloaded and loaded as well as the connection latency.

NPerf has a network of dedicated servers to deliver the bit rate necessary to saturate the network you are on to obtain a reliable measure of the actual speed of your internet, compared to the contracted speed.

Technodani Internet Speed ​​Test tool is compatible with all types of connections: ADSL, VDSL, cable, fiber optics, satellite, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and cellular.

The internet speedometer measurements made by the company are recorded in a database and in nPerf reports.

When you click on the “Start Test” button, a series of data will be shown on your screen: operator, type of connection, operating system, and browser, in addition to the data below.

What is a ping (latency)?

The Ping is a utility that uses the ICMP protocol to test connectivity between devices.

This data indicates the time required for a small amount of data to make a round-trip motion between your computer and the test server. The lower the result, the more reactive your connection is.

The test is performed 10 times on the platform. The system identifies a minimum time, an average, and the jitter (maximum variation between measurements).

The test prioritizes the TCP mode. If it is not available (ports 8080 & 8081 blocked), it will be done in HTTP mode.

What is the downloaded bit rate (download speed)?

This information indicates the amount of data that the network can receive (download) in one second. The higher the rate, the better the connection speed.

What is the bit rate loaded (upload speed)?

This information indicates the amount of data that the network can send (upload) in one second. The higher the rate, the better the connection speed.

The Jitter is a statistical variation in the delivery delays of data and may be defined as a measure of delay variation among packets.

A high delay variation produces an uneven reception of the packets. One way to minimize the effects of this is to use a buffer, common on video and social networking sites, in which data is stored as it arrives.

Internet Speed ​​Meter Personal Data and Privacy

NPerf collects statistical geolocation data. These data are not nominative. They allow you to improve the quality of the networks and the collected data set becomes your property.

The data collected are geolocation, information about the network, type, and model of the telephone handset, system version, and measurements will be taken.

The data are also compiled for different reports and are used to make statistical maps.

As soon as they become the object of a commercial assignment to third parties, these data are delivered in a totally anonymous manner (hiding the IP).

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