7 Best unfollow app for instagram (Best unfollower app) 2022

You might need a Best unfollow app for Instagram which is the Best unfollower app of 2022 right now, especially now that IG has become one of the popular social media that has many users.

Having more IG followers than following is considered a cool thing. Finally, many users unfollow accounts that don’t follow them back.

Instagram Unfollow Apps
Instagram Unfollow Apps

Of course, it will take a long time to find out one by one the accounts that don’t follow you back and unfollow them.

Fortunately, we have several recommendations for the best 2021 Instagram unfollow apps that can be used to unfollow multiple accounts at once.

7 Best unfollow app for Instagram 2022

1.Followers Assistant

As the name implies, the Followers Assistant app can work like a personal assistant that will monitor your Instagram followers.

Download Followers Assistant App
Download Followers Assistant App

Through this app, you can find out who is your account during the following, but not Followback.

In addition, you can also unfollow these accounts in a certain amount that has been set at once so that it will be much more practical and faster.

Interestingly, even though you can use this application for free or free, this application does not display ads at all, you know!

Information Followers Assistant
Developer Followers Assistant Inc.
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 3.7 (12,808)
Size 12MB
Install 1M+
Android Minimum 4.0

Download Followers Assistant App

2. Unfollowers for Instagram lost

The next safest Best unfollower app is Unfollowers for Instagram, lost. Although the user interface is simple, this application has a variety of interesting features, you know!

Unfollowers for Instagram lost
Unfollowers for Instagram lost

This app helps you to find unfollowers (non-followers or lost followers) on Instagram. They even state that “They provide Login using your Instagram account username and password (Instagram API Authentication is used).” No, we caught your lie! ??

  • It was a great app to find un-followers

Unfollowers for Instagram lost

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3.Follower Analyzer for Instagram

Follower Analyzer for Instagram can not only provide information about your Instagram profile but also find out the profile information of your friends.

Download Follower Analyzer for Instagram
Download Follower Analyzer for Instagram

You see, this application has features that allow you to see someone’s Instagram account statistics, such as the most preferred post, liqueur top, top commentators, and others.

By doing so, you also can see the statistics of Instagram account people who have several followers.

In addition, this application can also provide information on which accounts do not follow you back, followers who never or always like your posts, and much more.

Information Follower Analyzer for Instagram
Developer Maximo Lab
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 3.0 (149,490)
Size 5.9MB
Install 5M+
Android Minimum 5.0

Download Follower Analyzer for Instagram

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4.Followers Chief

In addition to providing information about Instagram accounts that don’t follow back and the Best unfollower app, Followers Chief also offers other interesting features, you know!

Download Followers Chief
Download Followers Chief

These features include information about your most liked posts, the most comments, and your follower or following statistics.

Interestingly, this unfollows Instagram application that does not follow back also develops an algorithm to provide information about users’ popularity scores on Instagram.

Information Followers Chief
Developer Falcon Followers
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 4.6 (56,540)
Size 4.5MB
Install 1M+
Android Minimum 4.1

Download Followers Chief

5.Unfollowers for Instagram, Lost

Unfollowers for Instagram, Lost is one of the best applications for those of you who are looking for an Instagram unfollow application at once.

Download Unfollowers for Instagram Lost
Download Unfollowers for Instagram Lost

This application developed by the Elegant developer has the main function as a tool to find out which accounts do not follow back on your Instagram.

After that, you can immediately mass unfollow these accounts at once to make it more practical and faster.

Information Unfollowers for Instagram, Lost
Developer Elegant
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 3.6 (86,394)
Size 3.8MB
Install 1M+
Android Minimum 4.1

Download Unfollowers for Instagram Lost

6.Followers Track: Insta Reports

With this best Unfollower app, you can track Followers for Instagram is another great option among Instagram unfollow apps, and it is ideal for anyone who wants to have better organic growth on their profile.
Through the app, users have access to a lot of important information about their followers, such as who is newest, who hasn’t followed you, and even who has blocked you.

best Unfollower app in apple store for ios devices
best Unfollower app

Aside from that, you can also see deleted likes and a lot of information, which is very important for those who want to not only keep their current followers but also increase the number of followers they have, while still entertaining them. It’s available for iOS, on the App Store!
App Features Follower Reports & Analytics

Best feature Follower track app

  • How many new followers did you get?
  • How many have unfollowed you recently?
  • Who blocked you? Who are the ghost followers?
  • How many likes did you get?
  • Who commented?
  • Which posts have the most likes and comments? Which video has the most views?
  • Who might you be interested in?
  • Who do you like but don’t follow?
  • Who tagged you?
  • Who has unfollowed you?
  • Unfollow anyone who doesn’t follow you using this Instagram profile report app for Insta fans
  • Real-time likes and followers of your business

Followers Track: Insta Reports

7.Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

Finally, there are Unfollowers & Ghost Followers which also have advanced features, one of which is the feature of detecting spam accounts that seem to annoy you.

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for instagram
Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram

In addition, there is also a feature to see a ghost follower and mutual follower, up to a unique feature to add followers Instagram is massive.

Unfortunately, the appearance of this app is quite complicated and will make you work a little harder to run it. Even so, you can enjoy various features for free!

Information Unfollowers & Ghost Followers
Developer Unfollower Analyzer
Reviews (Number of Reviewers) 3.5 (4,729)
Size 7.1MB
Install 100K+
Android Minimum 5.0

Download Unfollowers & Ghost Followers


Well, Guys, those were some Best unfollower apps of 2022 that make it easy for users who want to unfollow Instagram accounts practically and quickly.

Even some of the Instagram unfollow applications above also provide a feature to view someone’s statistics which will be very useful for those of you who like to be curious.

Also, read articles about Android Apps or other interesting articles from us.

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