How to reset valor rank destiny 2 ps4 2021

Here’s how you reset your valor rank destiny 2 to start over and get a powerful item and know all related queries on How to reset valor rank destiny 2 ps4 2021.

Valor rank is the point system directly tied to most of the Crucible at this point in Destiny 2.Of the various game modes offered in the Crucible directory, a few of them also offer the Glory rank.

how to reset valor rank
how to reset valor rank

However, the good news is that earning the rank of Glory, through the most competitive PvP offers, also earns you the rank of Valor.

About Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is all about hitting the heavy grind, and that hasn’t changed with the introduction of Shadowkeep. But the routine is considerably more fun, with a lot at stake.

During your time in-game mode, you may have reached the maximum amount of valor that you can earn in the Crucible. Here’s how you reset it to start over and get a powerful item.

Destiny 2 Valor: How to Earn Points, Rank Requirements, and How to Reset

As you play Destiny 2 PvP matches, you will begin to earn ranks of value that show your skill and dedication, and you can also reset your rank for rewards.

Destiny 2 offers ranks to increase as you play PvP and complete raids throughout a season. There are two types of Rank Points to earn in Destiny 2, Valor and Glory.

Rank increases as you play, regardless of whether you are winning or losing, and Glory is your competitive rank where you are rewarded and punished for wins and losses.

We’re taking a look at Destiny 2’s Valor Rank, explaining how you can increase it and how to reset it when the time comes.

How to Increase Valor Rank in Destiny 2

how to reset valor rank Destiny 2
how to reset valor rank Destiny 2

The Value Range in Destiny 2 is essentially your Season Level. While playing PvP on playlists like Quickplay or Rumble, you will earn Valor Rank points.

And unlike the competitive Glory Rank, you will earn points regardless of whether you win or lose. However, winning games will earn you more points.

You will start with the Guardian rank with six more ranks to advance, with the option to reset your level for a reward once you reach the highest level.

Here are all the Valor ranks and their point requirements:

  • Guardian: 0 points
  • Bravo: 50 points
  • Heroic: 350 points
  • Legendary: 700 points
  • Mythic: 1150 points
  • Legend: 1800 points
  • Exotic: 2000 points

How to Reset Valor Rank in Destiny 2 Season 

Once you reach the highest Valor level with 2,000 points, you can reset your rank similar to the traditional Call of Duty Prestige system.

Like CoD, doing this has a number of benefits, such as unlocking exotic engrams.

Courage reset has changed in Season of the Chosen, and now you must speak to Lord Shaxx to do so.

Here’s how to reset Valor in the Chosen Season:

Talk to Lord Shaxx in the Crucible.

Make sure you have claimed these items from Shaxx: Upgrade, Module Upgrade, Core Pyretic Shock Upgrade, and Prism Light Shock,

Select and hold ‘Reset Reputation’ to the right of the rewards.

Once you have reset your rank range, it will drop back to zero and receive an exotic engram.

You can keep doing this all season long, rewarding your dedication with tons of great rewards.

Your Valor rank will also reset once the next season begins, so make sure you unlock as much as you want before the launch of Season 14.

Destiny 2 How to reset valor rank

You will see the notification after the end of an Iron Banner, Crucible, or even a Gambit Prime match.

Resetting its rank in any of these respective modes works the same, so keep this in mind for whatever player vs. player mode is going on at the moment.

When you receive the notification to reset your rank, you must do so by going into orbit. You don’t need to leave your group if you want to reset things.

All you need to do is leave the instance and make sure you and your team are flying in orbit. When in orbit, return to the main screen of the game mode you are in, for example, if you gain rank in Crucible, go here:

Destiny 2 how to reset valor rank
Destiny 2 how to reset valor rank

Right now, I have not reached enough value to start over and move up the ranks. But when you are, check the top right of this screen and you will see the option to reset your Rank.

Hold this button down for a few seconds and it will load through the option. When you are done checking it out, you will receive a powerful new item in your inventory.

It should be better than anything else you use at the time, so it’s another great way to gain more light levels in Destiny 2.

Remember, this method works for Crucible, Iron Banner, and Gambit, and the process is the same.

You can reset your Rank when playing with others, so let your team know you need to reset and you’ll get out of line really fast.

how to reset valor rank 2021
how to reset valor rank 2021

It’s a quick process, so you should be able to join them before they jump into a new game.


What is gained from a reset valor rank?

If you are interested in resetting your rank bonuses, you might be happy or frustrated to know what they are, depending on what you are looking for in Destiny 2.

For starters, a full Valor’s range reset will give you a nifty gear piece (shot randomly, of course), usually at a somewhat similar level of illumination compared to your maximum light.

How to reset valor rank destiny 2 ps4 

Once you’re in orbit, head over to the Crucible menu in the exit and hover over any Quick Playlist.
Then press and hold the marked button (F on PC, Square on PS4, X on Xbox, X on Stadia) to completely reset its value to zero.
If you don’t see the message, it’s because the current value range is not high enough.

How do you reset Valor rank in Shadowkeep?

To access this option, go to the Output and Crucible menu, then go to Quickplay.
If you are already at the 2000 Valor threshold, you will be asked if you want to reset your ranking.
Simply choose the affirmative and voila!

Can you reset Glory rank?

From guardian rank to legendary rank, players will earn additional Ranking Points every week by completing at least three matches.
In Legend and Legend ranks, players must complete at least three matches every week to avoid deteriorating the ranking.
At the end of each season, all Glory and Ranking Points will be reset.

How many times have I reset my valor?

Once a player gains 2000 rank points, he can reset his rank to the start.

Players can reboot as many times as they want within a season.

At the end of each season, all Ranks, Rank Points, and Valor Ranks will be reset.

If you go into Crucible Triumphs – Valor Ranks, the last one on the right (Season 4: Valor Legend) will keep track of your restarts.

Just highlight it to see them.


Well, guys, That’s all you need to know to reset the valor rank in Destiny 2. Hopefully, you are enjoying the new game with Shadowkeep.

Hopefully, the information that we have shared this time is useful for all of you, and I’ll see you again in the next articles.

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