How to play Far Cry 5 [Beginner’s Guide 2021]

Facing problems to play Far Cry 5; learn how to play Far Cry 5 and the best tips for beginners in this war for freedom.

The challenge of facing religious fanatics in a setting reminiscent of the southern USA. See below, how to play Far Cry 5 and what are the main points to be aware of in this battle street by street. The game is available for PS4 , Xbox One and Windows PC .

How to play Far Cry 5
How to play Far Cry 5

Best 6 Tips to play Far Cry 5 for Beginner‘s

1.Never fight alone

As much as the game can also be played solo, don’t do it. Like this? The battles on the streets of the city controlled by the fanatics will be intensMe, with blockades in the streets and random exchanges of shots at any time, the player is a great target.

The game offers the possibility to hire AI-controlled “combatants” who will support your actions.

play Far Cry 5
play Far Cry 5

It is possible to give very specific commands to the ally, such as attacking, holding position, etc…

If the player is not yet familiar with how to give the command voice, no problem, the ally serves at the beginning to divide the number of shots suffered by the player and take down some enemies.

2.Make contacts

There are many characters scattered around the region where the game takes place. Be sure to talk to everyone, they often offer opportunities to get unique items that will assist in more complex missions.

how to play  Far Cry 5
how to play Far Cry 5

When communicating with everyone, the task will become less arduous. The player needs all possible help, as ammunition and weapons tend to be limited at the beginning, but with side missions, it is likely to accumulate better equipment.

You should talk to everyone, except those who are going to create a brand on your radar and start shooting to try to kill you.

3.Get used to shortcuts

Remember when we talked about random shootings above, then they happen because the city is completely besieged by the cult’s fanatics. The enemies will be on several barricades along the main roads, with heavily armed control points.

If the player wants to do heavy justice and has ammunition to do so, he may prefer to hunt down enemies in these positions to weaken the sect. But, this is not a very favorable situation.

Transiting shortcuts and secondary dirt roads will prevent the excess of unnecessary armed conflict, so the player has more peace of mind to travel to the next missions and enter the shooting only when it is essential.

4.Exit the area after practicing an attack

Various missions consist of making one-off attacks, sabotages, and other tricks against sect supplies. Every time you finish an attack, leave the locality, go to the bush, hide.

After a successful attack, information begins to flow over the fanatics’ radio, giving the location of the last attack. If the player takes too long to leave, he will be marked, where several reinforcements, with heavy artillery cars, helicopters, powerful enemies will come to meet him.

These situations will lead the player to very heavy conflicts, with great chances of being killed. For this reason, escape from the attack sites, especially at road blocks along the main roads.

5.Invest points in weapon spaces

play Far Cry 5
play Far Cry 5

We have already commented that sometimes the player will run out of ammunition during a firefight, this is because the amount of bullets that can be loaded is low and those left by dead enemies are few.

Skill points are acquired by completing missions, the best thing is to spend all the starting points on upgrades that will make the player carry more different weapons, naturally having more bullets for combat.

Avoid having to commit suicidal actions by attacking enemies with a baseball bat as your ammo runs out in the middle of the conflict.

6.Hunting brings money

how to play Far Cry 5
how to play Far Cry 5

It is important to always have full ammunition, but it costs money. For the novice player the best way to accumulate money, to buy new weapons and ammunition for them, is to hunt animals.

The player kills the various animals scattered around the game’s scenario, from moose to bears. After slaughter, approach and make a “serve” on the animal’s body. This action will give the player the skin of that animal, which can be sold. Trampling with vehicles also speeds up the process without expending ammunition.


With these tips, the novice player has everything to know how to play Far Cry 5. The game is long and with many missions, play calmly and learn new tricks. Good games!

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