How to do the main missions in GTA San Andreas

How to do the main missions in GTA San Andreas

One of one of the most commended video games in the franchise; discover how to do the main missions in GTA San Andreas to finish the tale.

The GTA San Andreas is one of the very best games in the Grand Burglary Auto franchise business. The title was released by Superstar Games in 2004 as well as is still very effective due to the history offered.

Several missions are available, so sometimes it can be a little tough to comprehend them. Below, I’& rsquo; ll reveal you how to make the main objectives of GTA San Andreas.

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how to do the primary missions of GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas has more than a hundred goals, the most in the whole series.

Gamers might ask yourself how much they need to spend to finish the video game. It ends up that GTA has necessary and also optional goals in San Andreas. If the player intends to finish the tale, he must complete all the essentials.

Los Santos

Initially: See the very first cutscene of the video game and afterwards head to Grove Street;

Big Smoke: Go Into CJ’& rsquo; s residence to find Huge Smoke

; Dessert & Kendl: Use BMX to get away the Ballas with Dessert, Smoke, and also Ryder;

Ryder: the player is introduced to barbers, restaurants as well as learns to drive vehicles;

Tagging up Grass: Repaint over Ballas graffiti around the city;

Cleaning the Hood: Kill a dealership in Grove Road and also some Ballas at the crack house in Idlewood;

Drive-Thru: Stop the Ballas from getting to Grove Road;

Nines as well as AK’& rsquo; s: the player is introduced to the weapons as well as clothing stores available in the video game;

Drive-By: drive the vehicle and also remove the Ballas;

Dessert’& rsquo; s Girl: saves Sugary food and his girlfriend from a Seville Boulevard Households assault;

Cesar Vialpando: win the lowriders conflict;

OG Loc: Utilize the bike to chase after as well as eliminate Freddy;

Running Dog: chase and kill a member of the Vagos;

Wrong Side of the Tracks: Make use of the bike to stand close to the train while Huge Smoke fires the Vagos;

Simply Business: Assist Huge Smoke in a shootout against the Russian mafia;

Life’& rsquo; s a Coastline: Go to the beach as well as steal a van with the audio devices OG Loc desires;

Madd Dogg’& rsquo; s Rhymes: Enter Madd Dogg’& rsquo; s mansion and swipe her rhyme publication;

Monitoring Issues: abduct and eliminate Madd Dogg’& rsquo; s supervisor and also his girlfriend by tossing their cars and truck right into the water;

House Party: Aid Wonderful and also various other Grove Road participants protect themselves from the Ballas invasion;

Home Invasion: Take the truck as well as swipe tools from the home of a battle expert;

Catalyst: Hop on the train and throw the ammo boxes to Ryder;

Burglarizing Uncle Sam: Steal tools from the National Guard base and after that run away from the soldiers;

High Stakes, Reduced Motorcyclist: Win the lowrider race versus Cesar as well as Kendl;

Burning Wish: Refute the Vagos’ & rsquo; home and then conserve the girl on the initial floor;

Gray Imports: Burglarize a shed on the anchors and kill a Russian dope dealer;

Doberman: Kill the Ballas to conquer the territory of Glen Park;

Los Sepulcros: Eliminate Kane and also the Ballas that safeguard him;

Rejoining the Family Members: Conserve Dessert from the Authorities at the Jefferson Motel;

The Environment-friendly Saber: Find Cesar Vialpando and save Sweet from the ambush.


Badlands: Climb Mount Chiliad as well as eliminate the witness;

Body Harvest: Most likely to the ranch and swipe the reaper for The Truth;

King in Expatriation: Meet Cesar as well as Kendl in Angel Pine.

Red Region

First Day: get in the bar to discover Catalina, Cesar Vialpando’& rsquo;

s cousin; Tanker Leader: Swipe a storage tank of gas as well as supply it to Flint County;

Versus All Chances: Rob a wagering shop with Catalina and get away the cops;

Regional Alcohol Shop: Rob a liquor store with Catalina;

Small Town Financial Institution: Rob the Palomino Creek Bank and save Catalina from the police officers;

Wu Zi Mu: beat Woozie in automobile racing;

Goodbye, My Love: Win the race versus Claude, Catalina’& rsquo; s guy.

Flint County

Are You Mosting Likely To San Fierro?: Use the flamethrower to burn the marijuana area and afterwards head to San Fierro.

San Fierro

Use Flowers in Your Beneficiary: Meet Dwaine, Jethro, and Zero;

555 We-Tip: camouflage on your own as a valet, plant the medications in the auto as well as structure the attorney;

Deconstruction: Eliminate nearby building and construction employees for bugging Kendl;

Air Assault: Use the Minigun to safeguard Absolutely no’& rsquo; s antennas against Berkley’& rsquo;

s planes; Supply Lines: Usage Absolutely no’& rsquo; s RC plane to kill Berkley & rsquo; s deliverymen.

New Model Army: Use the plaything helicopter to assist No in the difficulty;

Photo ops: rise on the roof and picture the members of Loco Syndicate;

Jizzy: Take the woman to the facility and remove Jizzy’& rsquo;

s competition; T-Bone Mendez: Swipe Cyclists’ & rsquo;

Money and also Medicines; Mike Toreno: Find and also Rescue Mike Toreno from the Da Nang Boys;

Hill Cloud Boys: Help Woozie in a shootout against the Da Nang Boys;

Ran Fa Li: most likely to the airport, steal the vehicle from the car park and drop it off at the garage;

Lure: tempt the Da Nang Boys right into the countryside while Woozie takes Ran Fa Li to safety and security;

Amphibious Assault: Get on the Da Nang Boys ship, plant a pest in the system, and also get out quick;

The Da Nang Thang: most likely to the Da Nang Boys ship, remove the samurai as well as save the Chinese servants;

Outrider: Take the motorcycle and companion the van to the Loco Organization manufacturing facility;

Snail Route: kill the reporter and his get in touch with on Santa Maria beach;

Ice Cold Killa: Go into the building from the roofing and eliminate Jizzy B;

Pier 69: Eliminate the Ballas on the roofing system and afterwards kill T-Bone Mendez and Ryder;

Toreno’& rsquo; s Last Flight: Utilize the RPG to eliminate Mike Toreno in his helicopter;

Yay Ka-Boom-Boom: Go into the cars and truck at the Loco Syndicate manufacturing facility and also strike up the location;

Zeroing In: Utilize the tracker to discover the cars and truck, swipe it and take it to the garage;

Examination Drive: swipe and evaluate race cars with Cesar;

Traditions Fast lane: go to the docks and utilize the crane to swipe an automobile and also take it to the garage;

Puncture Wounds: Utilize the spikes to stop and also swipe the automobile.

Tierra Robada

Beast: Go Into the Beast Vehicle and also finish the race;

Highjack: Take a gas truck with Cesar and take it to the garage;

Interdiction: utilize RPG to protect Toreno’& rsquo; s helicopter and recover contraband; Verdant Meadows: Go to the desert and also buy the deserted flight terminal.

Bone area

Discovering to Fly: Total flight school objectives with at least 70% pass;

NOE: fly below the radar, drop the package at the indicated location and also return to the abandoned airport;

Stowaway: Hop on the government freight aircraft and also damage it;

Black Project: get into Area 69 as well as steal the jetpack;

Environment-friendly Goo: Steal the pot of eco-friendly goo on the train and take it to The Fact.

Las Venturas

Fender Catsup: Drive with Johnny Sindacco caught in the automobile’& rsquo; s bumper to require him to expose the info;

Dynamite Circumstance: most likely to the quarry as well as steal the dynamite;

You’& rsquo; ve Had Your Chips: Enter the shed as well as damage the Sindaccos’ & rsquo; fake chip devices;

Don Peyote: Meet Paul and also Maccer in the desert and also take them to the online casino;

Architectural Reconnaissance: Enter the federal government structure and also obtain the blueprint for the Caligulas gambling establishment;

Secret to Her Heart: Take Millie Perkins to city dining establishments to win her over and get her online casino card;

Dam and also Blast: plant and also take off bombs on the dam’& rsquo; s generators to wage the gambling establishment break-in;

Police Officer Tires: Take cops bikes and take them to the vehicle on the road;

Up, Up as well as Away!: take the helicopter to take an armored auto using a magnet;

Intensive Care: Locate the right rescue and also save Johnny Sindacco;

The Meat Company: Eliminate the Sindaccos as well as leave the abattoir with Ken.

Misappropriation: Kill the target and obtain the declare Tenpenny;

Madd Dogg: Use the pickup to save Madd Dogg from a suicide effort;

Fish in a Barrel: Turn into one of the owners of 4 Dragons Gambling Establishment;

Freefall: Jump from the aircraft, eliminate the assassins and also return with the Forellis’ & rsquo; private jet to the flight terminal;

Midday: chase Eddie Pulaski via the desert and after that eliminate him;

Saint Mark’& rsquo; s Restaurant: Take the jet and also fly to Liberty City to eliminate Marco Forelli;

Spending a lot at Caligula’& rsquo; s: rob Caligulas gambling establishment;

A House in the Hills: Remove the Vagos to recover Madd Dogg’& rsquo; s manor, after that eliminate Big Poppa.

Go Back To Los Santos

Upright Bird: hop on the ship, swipe a military jet and also ruin the spy watercrafts;

Home Coming: Remove the Ballas and also overcome Grove Road back with Sugary food’& rsquo

; s help; Intense Service: Use the kart to chase after OG Loc as well as recover Madd Dogg’& rsquo;

s rhymes; Beat Down On B Dup: Take back control of Glen Park and also face off versus B-Dup;

Grove 4 Life: Dominate 2 areas of Idlewood for Grove Street;

Riot: simply drive to Grove Street throughout the chaos;

Los Desperados: Kill the participants of Los Santos Vagos to recoup the territory of the Varrios Los Aztecas;

End of the Line: Enter the crack palace, eliminate Big Smoke, and also go after Tenpenny with the city.

Okay, now you recognize exactly how to do the main objectives of GTA San Andreas.


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How to do the main missions in GTA San Andreas
How to do the main missions in GTA San Andreas
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