12 Most Frequently Asked Questions about GTA San Andreas 2021

Check out the main Frequently Asked Questions with answers about GTA San Andreas: How to make money, free up houses, put your music on, and more.

GTA San Andreas was released for PC, PS2, and Xbox in 2004, but remains a success today. Marking an epoch for novelties in open-world gameplay, San Andreas also won versions for several other platforms, such as PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS.

 Frequently Asked Questions about GTA San Andreas 2021
Frequently Asked Questions about GTA San Andreas 2021

If you’re playing GTA San Andreas for the first time or want to reminisce about CJ’s story, check out 12 questions and answers about one of Rockstar Games’ biggest hits.

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1. How to release everything in GTA San Andreas?

The safest way to unlock everything in GTA San Andreas (like weapons, cars, areas, etc.) is progressing through history.

However, by activating some cheats, it is possible to have “early access” to some things, such as weapons and special cars. Check out all the cheats for all versions of GTA San Andreas in this guide.

2. How to make money in GTA San Andreas?

Making money in GTA San Andreas is not such a difficult task. Of course, without cheating, CJ will not get rich overnight.

However, the most basic way to get some change is to complete the campaign missions. Robbing other people on the street (especially drug dealers) also earns a few dollars.

To get even more money, you need to complete the extra activities, such as driving taxis, performing firefighters, vigilantes, and paramedics, and trying your luck in games of chance, such as betting on horses and in the casino.

In the case of betting on horses, the trick is to save the game before betting, do the “stool” with as much money as you can and, if you don’t win, reload the game and repeat the process.

 Frequently Asked Questions about GTA San Andreas 2021
Frequently Asked Questions about GTA San Andreas 2021

3. How to open the map in GTA San Andreas?

The GTA San Andreas map is one of the largest in the franchise. There are three large islands connected to each other and based on real cities in the United States, such as Los Angeles (Los Santos), San Francisco (San Fierro), and Las Vegas (Las Venturas).

However, the islands have not been available since the beginning. In order to release the entire map of the game, you must complete the missions and progress in the campaign.

4. How to play GTA San Andreas with control on the PC?

Playing with control in GTA San Andreas on PC is simple.

  • Connect the control to the PC;
  • In the main menu, choose “Options”;
  • Choose “Controller Setup”;
  • In “Configuration”, change the option to “Joypad”;
  •  If you want to remap the controls, choose “Redefine Controls” and then “Foot Controls” to modify the character’s controls, and “Vehicle Controls” to change vehicle controls.

You can restore the original settings by clicking on “Restore Defaults”.

5. How to increase the vigor in GTA San Andreas?

One of the great news in GTA San Andreas was the ability to improve (or worsen) certain CJ attributes, such as Vigor (Stamina), Strength (Muscle), and Breath (Breath), as well as skills, such as driving and shooting. Virtually every activity in the game affects some attributes: for example, eating too much makes CJ get fat while eating too little makes the character lose weight and lose energy.

To increase CJ Stamina more quickly, that is, make it more resilient to perform actions such as running or cycling, go to the gym and use the stationary bike. The heavier the workout, the greater the result.

 Frequently Asked Questions about GTA San Andreas 2021
Frequently Asked Questions about GTA San Andreas 2021

6. How to honk in GTA San Andreas?

The car horns of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas have other uses besides attracting the attention of pedestrians and drivers. Honking next to a prostitute will make her approach the car and offer her services.

To honk in GTA San Andreas, press “H” or “Caps Lock” on the PC. On consoles, tighten the left diagonal (also called “L3 ′).

7. How to fly with the jet pack?

The jetpack ( Jetpack, in English) is one of the most fun items in the game. CJ obtains it on the “Black Project” mission, by stealing it from the army. After the “Green Goo” mission, in which CJ uses it to steal a freight train, it is available to the player.

Another way to get the jet pack is by using cheats. On the PC, there are two codes to activate it, which can be entered at any time: ROCKETMAN and YECGAA. On consoles, the button sequences are:

  • PS2: PS2: L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right;
  • Xbox: Left, Right, LT, LB, RT, RB, Up, Down, Left, Right.

8. How to release all houses in GTA San Andreas?

To clear all the houses in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you will have to purchase each one separately. There is no code to release all properties, but there are money cheats that guarantee you a sufficient amount to buy the houses as soon as they are available.

However, you still need to play the entire game and progress through the story to unlock all properties.

 Frequently Asked Questions about GTA San Andreas 2021
Frequently Asked Questions about GTA San Andreas 2021

9. How to recruit anyone in GTA San Andreas?

It is possible to recruit people for your personal group among the members of Groove Street, the gang of Carl “CJ” Johson in GTA San Andreas. Depending on your amount of ‘Respect’, it is possible to recruit 2 to 7 people for your team.

“Respect” is earned or lost by completing missions and performing other tasks in the game.

After getting the required amount:

  • Get closer to the person;
  • On PS3, press and hold R1; on Xbox, press and hold RT; on the PC, contact is made by the right mouse button;
  • Press the recruitment button (on the consoles, up on the directional pad; on the PC, the “G” key).

Without cheating, you can only recruit members of the Groove Street gang (who wear green). To recruit anyone in the game, you need to activate a code.

  • On Xbox: DOWN, X, UP, RB, RB, UP, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP;
  • On the PC: SJMAHPE;

10. Where is the police station in GTA San Andreas?

Each city in GTA San Andreas has its own police department. They are all part of the SAPD, or San Andreas Police Department, the main police agency that serves the fictional state of the game. However, SAPD does not have its own headquarters; only local police have their police stations.

The LAPD (Los Santos Police Department) police station is located in Pershing Square, where the city hall is also located. In San Fiero, the police station is in the center ( Downtown, in English).

The headquarters of the LAPD (Las Venturas Police Department) is located in the district of Roca Escalante, the commercial area of ​​the city.

gta san andreas online
gta san andreas online

11. How to put your music in GTA San Andreas?

One of the most striking features of the GTA franchise is its soundtrack. Composed of several well-known songs from different genres, such as rock, rap, and country, the radio stations of the games are always successful among the players.

In the PC version of GTA San Andreas, you can add your favorite songs. For this:

  • Access the “GTA San Andreas User Files” folder under “Documents” (or “My Documents’) on your computer;
  • Paste shortcuts or the .mp3 files of the songs you want to add to the game in this folder;
  • In the game, go to “Options”, then “Audio Setup” and choose “User Track Options”. On the next screen, select “Scan user tracks”. Your songs will be added to the game by playing on the “User track player” station.

You can also activate the automatic scan to always have your favorite songs available in the game.

12. How to put bikes in GTA San Andreas on the PC?

GTA San Andreas has a wide variety of vehicles, but thanks to the work of the community and the mods, it is possible to add new bikes to the game.

To do this, you will need to use one of the custom content installation tools, such as CLEO , IMG Tool, and Spark IMG Editor.

Another easy installation option is GGMM (GTA Garage Mod Manager). The program is used to install cars, motorcycles, trucks, and even weapons in the game.

The process is simple, and you can follow the steps outlined in this car installation tutorial, just by replacing the files. On the internet, it is also possible to find self-installable mods.

However, before modifying your game, remember to make a backup of the original files. As they are content created by the players, the mods may contain bugs and other problems.

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