Garena Free Fire Headshot Tips Like Pro Player 2021

The headshot is a term in Free Fire when we manage to shoot the enemy right in the head.

Often doing Garena Free Fire Headshot Tips Like Pro Player can be a matter of pride for a player. How not, to be able to do a headshot is very difficult.

The target is the head which is so small that it is difficult to aim.

Like a Pro Player! Here are 9 Ways to Continue Garena free fire headshot setting 2021.

By doing a headshot, the enemy can be immediately defeated even though his HP is still full. Because as we know, the head is a vital point for humans.

However, headshot usually happens by accident, especially for new players.

So, do you want to be able to do more headshots?

Try to apply the following 9 free fire headshot setting 2021 Advice and Tips:

9 Ways to Continue Headshot in Garena Free Fire

1. Use Default Settings

In battle royale games like Free Fire, we are free to set the shot.

If you have changed the shooting settings, then I recommend returning it to the default position.

Why should I use the default settings?

There are some reasons.

  1.  Because the default settings have been tested and measured by Garena to suit everyone.
  2.  By using the default settings, you can play on different devices without making any special settings.

2. Weapon Selection

Indeed, all weapons can be used to take a headshot in Free Fire.

But remember, each weapon has its own specifications.

And there are several weapons that make it easier for us to do a headshot.

One of them is an assault rifle or semi-machine gun.

I highly recommend using this type of weapon.

3. Use the scope

Next, don’t forget to use a scope.

The scope allows you to “see” enemies from a greater distance, more clearly.

The scope will widen our vision, so a small target will appear bigger.

This of course makes it easier for us to aim at the opponent’s head and take a headshot.

The scope is only effective when used over long distances. When fighting at close range, there is no need to use a scope.

Because it will only complicate things. You might even become an easy target for your opponent.

4. How to Target the Enemy

Next, we get into how to target the right opponent in the hope of getting a headshot.

If you are behind your opponent and he does not see it, then this is an absolute advantage for you. You can be more “relaxed” to aim at the head.

But if you can do it quickly so that the enemy doesn’t immediately notice that we are behind him.

If you are dealing with an enemy from a distance and he is facing you, then get down. Use the scope to aim for the head.

Then hurry up and fire the shot as soon as possible before the target moves.

When you have to fight at close range because you are forced, never use a scope. Use the built-in aim and aim for the head.

In the beginning, you may often fail and miss the mark. But believe me, along with your flying hours, your aiming ability will increase.

And later you will be able to do more frequent headshots.

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5. Continue to practice

Garena Free Fire Headshot Tips Like Pro Player
Garena Free Fire Headshot Tips Like Pro Player

Tips for making the next headshot are very important.

  • Namely by playing Free Fire on.
  •  Keep trying to aim for your opponent’s head in the game.
  • If you are not used to it, then it is natural that you often miss it.
  • But don’t be discouraged, keep practicing, and mature your skills.

6.Situp Headshots

In the game, use this method to get the headshot if you meet the opponent. Seats, open area, stands, and fire. This method works in a bug in a free fire script & Must Follow the method for guaranteed headshots.

7.Prone up headshot

This method only works on Dragunov and M1887. This is a bit difficult to implement so practice this headshot method well. When you press the Spot and Enemy on the Properties button.

Then aim at the enemy’s feet. Drag the fire button and tap the prone button. It’s all 0. Should be done in 0.5 seconds so it is a good idea to practice this method.

8.Jump & Moving Drag Headshot

All you have to do to get the Jump Drag Headshot on Free Fire is to drag the fire button at the same time. This is an easy way to get guaranteed headsets in games.

Moving drag headshots is a simple way to get some great headsets in close-range combat. Drag the fire button on the same button the opposing player is moving to get better headshots.

9.One-Shot or Lucky Shot

This is a difficult way to get a headshot in the free fire.

This method requires the opposing or enemy player to stand or crouch in a stable position in order to act.

Spot the player and aim and drag the fire button.


These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use to get guaranteed headshots in Garena Free Fire.

Remember to follow these steps very closely and use the scope to take headshots when the opponent is at a distance.

Do not use scope when the opponent is close to you. Instead, use the red dot scope.


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