How to Repair External Hard Drive Corrupted and Unreadable Fix

Along with continuous use, sometimes the hard drive can be damaged and unreadable. Read the following article to find out how to Repair external hard drive corrupted and unreadable fix for Win & Mac.

The hard drive is one of the important hardware in a computer or laptop that functions as a data storage area.

The data stored on the hard drive will not be lost even if the computer is turned off, so its function is increasingly important in terms of storing important data.

Along with continuous use, the hard drive can also be damaged and sometimes become illegible.

This will be very annoying, especially if your important data is stored on the hard drive.

The following article will discuss a damaged hard drive and how to fix it.

What Causes a Damaged Hard Drive?

There are a number of things that can cause a hard drive to fail, so before you fix it, it’s important to know the cause.

Here are some of them.

1. Hard drive becomes too hot due to overuse

When the hard drive is used excessively and continuously, it will overheat.

When the hard disk temperature gets higher, the hard drive’s performance will decrease, and over time it will suffer damage.

2. Too much software

The hard drive does function as a data storage area, but that doesn’t mean you can fill it with too much software or software.

Too often installing the hard drive has to work too hard so that over time it can damage its function.

3. Hard drives often stop working suddenly

If you have a computer or laptop, make sure to always turn off the device according to the procedure.

The reason is, if the computer is shut down forcibly or suddenly, then the hard drive will also die suddenly.

This will damage the hardware over time.

4. Exposed to a virus

Viruses can also be one of the reasons why hard drives can be damaged.

So, make sure you are always careful when surfing in cyberspace, as well as when you want to download certain content.

Pay attention to whether the page you visit is trusted or not.

Do not carelessly visit sites or download data as this can infect the hard drive with viruses that can damage it.

5. Exceeded the usage period

Each piece of hardware has a length of time to use.

The older it is, it means that the device is used more often, works more frequently, and over time it will slow down too.

The same thing can happen to hard drives.

6. Forcibly removing the external hard drive

Never remove the external hard drive forcibly as this can corrupt the file.

If you have this, often the files on the hard drive will be damaged or unreadable.

How to repair the external hard drive corrupted and unreadable fix?

A damaged external hard drive is a very common situation, and thousands of people face it every day.

How to repair a damaged external hard drive without formatting? How to get files from a damaged disk without leaving home?

Everything you need to know is here.

Are you ready to deal with that problem? Let’s read!

Is your external hard drive damaged or not? Checkout Some useful tips

In a situation where you are unable to access your external hard drive, do not rush to take it to the service center. First, you need to check the external hard drive; it may not be damaged at all. There are several ways to do it:

  • Check the power supply. Your hard drive probably has a separate power supply. Therefore, checking the power supply will be very important.
  • Connect an external hard drive with another USB cable; the old may be broken.
  • Try to check the external hard drive using Disk Management. On the desktop, right-click This PC (My Computer) -> Administration -> Disk Management. Select an external disk among the volumes, then right-click on it and select “Mark partition as active”.

All of these methods can be helpful if your external hard drive is not detected by the computer.

But what if the PC detects it, but there are no files or they are all corrupted? How do you fix a damaged external hard drive without formatting? Let’s see some recovery methods!

After discussing a few things that can damage a hard drive, now is the time to learn how to fix it.

In some cases, a damaged hard drive may still be saved.

For example, when the hardware is unreadable.

First, first check whether the connecting cable or socket is still good or not.

If it is loose, all you have to do is replace the socket or cable.

However, if these two components are still functioning properly, then the next step is to find out the main problem that occurs on the hard drive.

1. Checking bad sectors

One of the causes of damage to the hard disk is bad sectors.

To be sure, do a search on the computer by typing CMD.

Next, find the command prompt text and right-click, then select Run as administrator.

Next, a command prompt page will appear on your computer or laptop screen.

Type chkdsk / fe: then press enter.

Here you can change according to the location of the hard drive that is being repaired.

This method will tell you if the hard drive is experiencing bad sector logic.

2. Reformat the hard drive

When it is known that the cause is bad sector logic, then you can reformat the hard drive.

You can do this using software called Low-Level Format.

  • If you have installed the software on your computer or laptop, then the next step is to install the hard drive that you will repair.
  • Next, open the Low-Level Format software and select the hard drive to repair.
  • Next, click continue, then select Low-Level Format, and click Format This Device.

This step will automatically reformat your hard drive.

After the process is complete, you can repartition the hard drive.

Keep in mind that reformatting the hard drive will automatically erase all existing data on the hard drive.

So, make sure that you don’t choose the wrong hard drive when doing this action.

If after reformatting is done but the hard drive remains unreadable, then there is a big possibility that the damage is in the physical part of the hardware.

In case of physical damage, all that can be done is to bring it to a service point.

Repairing a hard drive is usually quite expensive, considering how to fix it is also not easy.

If there is a lot of important data that needs to be saved, it is best to leave the fix to the experts.

But if not, you can immediately format the hard drive yourself.

So guys, if you want to repair an external hard drive corrupted and unreadable fix then you need software that will be going to resolve your Hard drive problems.

So let’s see that software step by step:

Best 3 software to fix a corrupted external hard drive Without Formatting or Without Losing Any Data

SO guys this software will go to gives you 101% results on your hard drive corrupted problems.

so let’s see all the above 3 software about on how to work or downloading link and guide manual.

1.Partition Recovery™

How to Repair external hard drive corrupted and unreadable fix
How to Repair external hard drive corrupted and unreadable fix

You are very lucky if your computer detects an external hard drive, even if all the files seem to be gone. There is the possibility to recover the files using professional software: DiskInternals Partition Recovery.

Why this software? Because this program is an all-in-one solution. You can restore photos, video files, documents, audio, and any other type of files with no capacity limits.

Partition Recovery works on every partition, including external hard drives, without “actually” affecting the file system, but rebuilding it only for deep data analysis.

Partition recovery is the best expert tool for recovering lost partitions

Well, guys, to download this software you can visit from the below link, or else you search on the web browser.

DiskInternals Partition Recovery

This will help you to download software and step-by-step method to solve this problem.

So our next tool is Stellar Data Recovery software which will be going to Repair Corrupted Hard Disk Without Formatting.

2.Stellar Data Recovery software

How to Repair external hard drive corrupted and unreadable fix
How to Repair external hard drive corrupted and unreadable fix

Hard drive corruption occurs due to file system errors that turn a hard drive into RAW.

These errors are caused by bad sectors, sudden system shutdown (hang), software or hardware problems, and sometimes due to physical damage.

To repair a damaged hard drive, you can format it, which is the easiest way to repair a damaged drive.

But it causes permanent data loss. However, you can get back your lost data with the help of Stellar Data Recovery software.

So to download this software you can visit Stellar Data Recovery software to repair Corrupted Hard Disk Without Formatting which will guide you with step-by-step methods for using this software.

So now, we have seen two software which will solve you Repair Corrupted Hard Disk Without Formatting at Home.

But the guy’s now the last but not the least software in our list that we highly recommend you which will Repair Corrupted External Hard Drive Without Losing Any Data.

And that software is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

3.EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

How to Repair external hard drive corrupted and unreadable fix
How to Repair external hard drive corrupted and unreadable fix

This EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software will repair a damaged external hard drive without losing any data with professional hard drive recovery solutions.

If your external hard drive, hard drive partition, USB drive, SD card, etc., devices got corrupted or suddenly failed, then continue to fix the problem yourself and restore valuable data now.

Whenever your hard drive is detected by Windows Disk Management whether it is RAW, inaccessible, or with other strange characters, powerful hard drive recovery software can help you get data from it with simple clicks.

Here we would like to recommend you to try EaseUS hard drive recovery software which allows you to restore lost data on all storage devices under Windows 10/8/7 and also for Mac.

Just download, install and activate it to follow the steps below to Recover Valuable Data from Your Connected External Hard Drive.

The final word

Well, guys, Hard drive corruption is a logical problem, which is one of the common reasons for data loss around the world.

However, protect your hard drive from corruption by following the best practices that we discuss in this post and download this software to Repair the external hard drive corrupted and unreadable fix.

But if it happens, follow the steps we explain in this post to repair corrupted drives without formatting and get your crucial data back by using the above software.

Hopefully, it’s useful for you…if you like my work then don’t hesitate to share my article in your groups & Leave Your Comment Below.…keep learning and stay safe and healthy.

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