How To Draw A Graph In Microsoft Word In 2020 Easily

Guys,…Those who work in administration or offices like that are certainly familiar with Draw a Graph in Microsoft Word.    

How To Draw A Graph In Microsoft Word

The graph in Microsoft Word is needed to display data in the form of numbers into a form that is easier to understand visually.

You must have read data in the form of numbers, right?

If so, you must also have had difficulty understanding the data.

That difficulty will not happen again if you learn how to create Graphs in Microsoft Word.

How To Draw A Graph In Microsoft Word
how to draw graph in word

With graphs, data that is difficult to interpret can be understood easily with the high and low columns.

Comparisons are also easier to show with graphs.

In addition, there are many Graphs available in Microsoft Word itself.

Types of graphs: How to draw graph in word

You can choose one of all the graphs below that suits your needs:

1. Pie diagram — shows the percentage or proportion in the form of a circle.

2.Bar Graph — a horizontal bar used to show comparisons.

3. Column Graph — used the same as a bar graph, but in the form of bars that stick out vertically.

4.Line Charts — these graphs are able to link previous data with afterward so it is often used to display trends.

This chart is commonly used in the stock market or sales.

  • Area Graph — this graph has the same shape as the line graph but there is a colored area below the line.
  • Surface Graph — with a three-dimensional display, this graph can show a lot of data simultaneously.

After knowing the types of graphs, here’s how to create a graph in the word graph.

Steps for types of graphs in excel:

Step 1:- Open the Insert Menu

The first thing to do is to run an MS program. A word or open a document in which you want to add the graphs.

After that, click the “Insert” menu then select the “Chart” tab.

This method is the same for MS. Word 2007 to 2016.

Before selecting the type of chart you need, make sure the cursor is in the position you want to add the graphs.

Step 2:- Enter Data in MS. Excel

After the selected graphs appear in the document, the Microsoft Excel screen will automatically open.

The screen already contains data that you will change as needed.

To change data, adjust the categories there with data in MS. Word.

You can also increase the number of Graphs if needed.

After all, data has been entered, close the Excel page by pressing the cross button.

If all steps have been carried out, graphs should appear in the document.

Change Data and Graph Display

After the graphic appears, there may be data or display that is not appropriate. Here are some modifications that can be done on the graph that has been made.

Changing the Position of Data Rows and Columns

Sometimes when making a chart, we don’t know which one is more appropriate to display in rows and columns.

Finally, the graph cannot perfectly show performance.

You can overcome this by swapping the data positions in rows and columns.

Click the graphic, then select “Edit Data”> “Switch Row / Column”.

Change the Graph Type and Layout

If the graphic display is not satisfactory, you can change the type and layout.

Change the chart type by clicking the “Design” menu> “Change Chart Type” on the right.

Change the layout the same way, namely click “Design”> “Quick Layout” on the left.

Make this change before adding elements, otherwise, the appearance of your graph can be chaotic.

Add Elements to the Chart

If the graphic display doesn’t explain all the information, adding elements to the chart can help.

Method 1:- Click the “+” icon Click the graphs then click the “+ “icon on the right until an element that can be added appears. Method 2:- Using the “Design” Menu

Select the “Design” menu> “Add Chart Element”.

Various Types Of Elements And Their Functions

Learn the functions of the elements that are often used below.

  1. Axis Title: gives or changes the title on the horizontal and vertical axes.
  2. Chart Title: change the chart title.
  3. Data Labels: bring up the value of each data.
  4. Legend: displays information from each data color.

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Changing Graphic Design

To get a look, you can change it in two ways.

Click on the graphic, then select the “Design” tab> “Style”.

Then select the graphs display that you want.

Click on the chart, then click on the “Chart Styles” icon with the brush on the right.

That’s all the things you need to understand when learning how to create Graphs in Microsoft Word.

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