6 Tips To Push Rank In GARENA FREE FIRE [2022]

Free Fire game is more exciting thanks to the push free fire rank tips system(Push Rank In GARENA FREE FIRE). This rank can be one indicator of a good player or not.

So well in this guide, you will see the best 100% working Garena free fire tips and tricks on how to push rank in free fire faster. so just follow our below Garena tips carefully.

6 Tips To Push Rank In GARENA FREE FIRE [2020]
Push Rank In GARENA FREE FIRE [2020]

The higher the rank, the more likely the player is good at it. Vice versa, the lower the rank, the possibility of the player being bad.

But unfortunately increasing rank in Free Fire Tips And Tricks is not as easy as imagined. Especially to increase rank we have to play against real players.

Of course, this is not easy, because your opponent could be better than you. or else how you can be 1 din me heroic kese kre in free fire me heroic tips.
 So, follow the free fire heroic rank tips and tricks below for you who want to quickly move up the rank.

Only 6 Tips to Push Rank In GARENA FREE FIRE and go heroic in free fire


1. Diligently Practicing to Improve Skills

One of the things that make the game Free Fire is that your opponent is a real player.

So you can’t guess whether in your match you find a good opponent or noob.
 free fire me heroic hack
 Therefore one of the best ways for friends to win is to improve their skills.

How to push rank in free fire faster?

Of course, diligently playing.

The more you play, the better you will be.

Leave a little time each day to practice.

But don’t interfere with your other activities such as studying, working, working, and helping your parents.

2. Use the vehicle frequently

The creation of a vehicle in Free Fire is not without purpose and intent.

Therefore, you must use it well if you find it.

Vehicles can make your move quickly.

So you can find the right position to aim at your opponent.

Or you can also search for loot quickly.

Anyway, by driving a vehicle you have many advantages when compared to not.

3. Take Loot Efficiently

Don’t forget to bring heal items, especially if you are playing solo.

Because heal items are very difficult to find.

And with this item, it’s the only way you can extend your life when playing solo.

Unlike when playing duo or squad, you can be cured by friends.

Do not forget also other essential items such as ammunition and weapons.

The settings in this game will also affect your game, friend.

So, what’s the best setting?

The best settings in Free Fire are those that best suit your playing style and habits.

This, of course, will vary depending on each person.

You can try making your settings.

If it feels bad, keep changing the settings until you find the right one.

4. Practice with the sniper to improve your aim

If you want to improve your aim in Free Fire, the best way to do it is by using the sniper rifle. You may find it a bit difficult to use at first, but it will be really useful in the long run. Mainly because with all other weapons, you can keep your aim while spraying and still get some kills. But with the Sniper, every shot counts, so you’ll automatically pay more attention and be more careful when aiming.

5. Landing in a Safe Location

The key to playing battle royale games like Free fire is to survive as long as possible, even if you want to win you have to be the last to survive.

For starters, you can go down in a safe place and rarely become a destination down your opponents.

While still on the plane, pay attention to every enemy that falls.

If in one place rarely plunging in simultaneously, then you can plunge in there.

So you are less likely to die early in the game.

Hidari to go down along with many other players.

Because this will increase the likelihood of a clash early in the game.

When playing solo and you die, the game is over.

Unlike when playing a duo or squad, when you die there is still a chance to be revived by friends.

So if you want to get a rank hack in the Free Fire Rank Push Tips in a quick time, frequently play duo or squad.

Avoid playing solo, especially if you are a true noob.

6. Play Solo vs Solo to improve your rank

If your goal is to get to Heroic and you’re trying to improve your rank, the best thing to do is play solo games. This way you won’t have to worry about your teammates, whether they are yours or the enemy squads. Getting kills will be much easier and you will not have to take unnecessary risks.

Some FAQ:

How do you push the rank in Free Fire 2022?

Just follow my above 6 tips for pushing rank in free fire 2022, you will definitely get a 101% result for reaching a higher level.

How do you push a rank in Free Fire easily?

Play a game with your friends and don’t rush into a squad as a random player does.

How do you push a heroic rank in Free Fire?

As I told you in the above 6 six tips for pushing rank in the free fire game if you followed all these tips you really reach the highest level To Be Heroic in the free fire.

Always keep in mind that Don’t Play Solo, always try Play Duo or Squad with your Friends.

and if you choose random then also you will face ranking issues just because the random players won’t play with us like a team in a game.


Hopefully following these tips and tricks will improve your game significantly, helping you quickly reach Heroic rank. Stay tuned for more Free Fire guides and don’t forget to regularly check out helpful tips for all your favorite games.

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